How long do local plans have until they're reviewed? – 2021

Searchable table which shows how far local plans are in their five-year review cycle.

Local authorities set out regular five-year plans – but a lot can happen in five years.

Shifting demographics. New government mandates. New market trends etc.

That means different approaches can be more effective at different times.

Use the searchable table to see where each local authority's local plan is in their five year review cycle – and time or frame your approach accordingly.

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How to use the table:

  • Simply search for a local authority in the search box

  • You can also order the table by clicking some of the column headers
  • If you click "Local council", "Is plan review overdue?", and "Progress through five year review cycle", you'll be able to order it from minimum to maximum, or A-Z, or vice-versa
  • There are 370 rows of data in this table (one for each local authority). Click the backwards and forwards arrows to change the page. Or enter the desired page number.