Regional Market Insights

From Housing Target Delivery performance and housing market trends to population migration patterns and demographic breakdowns, here's your insider access to all of our regional market reports.

East of England Regional Market Report

In this report, we’re focusing on Bedford, Chelmsford and Norwich – looking at how demographic data, combined with local insights into the property market can help inform development decisions.

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South East & London Regional Market Report

In this report, we’ll be looking at the housing market and demographic data for Guildford, Maidstone, Southampton, and London – pinpointing key areas of opportunity for developers.

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The Midlands Regional Market Report

In this report, we'll highlight potential areas of opportunity, particularly if you’re a developer operating in the Midlands, but we also aim to provide insights and inspiration that can be implemented on a national level.

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North West Regional Market Report

We’ll be exploring the property markets in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester. We’ll analyse how population data, migration patterns and income are shaping housing demand. In turn, developers can use this data to inform their housing delivery strategy.

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South West Regional Market Report

Whether you want to look to other regions for inspiration, or want data-driven insights to inform your strategy in the South West, we’ve got you covered.

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North East & Yorkshire Regional Market Report

We’ll be taking a deep dive into the demographic data and local housing market in Newcastle, Sheffield, and York¹ to indicate where potential new opportunities could lie.

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